Stress Management: Stressless Living in Challenging Times

        Stress Management Strategies Programmes


 In essence, the Stress Management Strategies (SMS) Programmes are an intense,  holistic experience.

 What we will aim to resolve together are the root core issues that may be stressing,  irritating or blocking your health and life; be that physically, emotionally or mentally.

 What we work on is entirely up to you, though you will be doing the hard work; during the  sessions and between them. I can point you in the right directions and show you the map;  though only you can walk through the territory of your life.

 Whether your issues are related to stress, confidence, performance, direction in life or  health; you can move beyond them all.

 I'm a firm believer that life only gives us what we can handle.


The Stress Management Programmes are where you are investing in you.

 Though, what price can you put on your well-being?

 All I ask of you, is that you are ready to at least consider the changes you need to make to  have the life you want.

 The rest we'll discover along the way, how much you discover is always up to you.

 The following Stress Management Programmes are currently available:


1 Month (4 weeks) Stress Management Programme

Option 1 - 4 x 90 minute Stress Management sessions     

Option 2 - 4 x 2 hour Stress Management sessions          


2 Month (8 weeks) Stress Management Programme

Option 1 - 8 x 90 minute Stress Management sessions     

Option 2 - 8 x 2 hour Stress Management sessions          


3 Month (12 weeks) Stress Management Programme

Option 1 - 12 x 90 minute Stress Management sessions   

   Option 2 - 12 x 2 hour Stress Management sessions        

 For those individuals who want to follow the 2 month and 3 month SMS programmes, though would  find it difficult to commit 1 1/2 or 2 hours per week over 8 or 12 consecutive weeks of  sessions;  alternative options are available.

 For further details, enquiries about  prices and to book your Stress Management Programme  please contact John on 01933-439655 or 07751-485204 (Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm)


Terms & Conditions

 i) Each SMS Programme is to be pre-paid and booked in advance.

 ii) Each programme runs concurrently, e.g. a 1 month programme requires you allocate 1 session per       week over 4 weeks. 

  It is your responsibility to make the time available for the SMS programme of your choice.

 iii) It is my practice to allow a minimum of 48 hours notice to change or cancel your SMS sessions.

 iv) Failure to cancel or not attend your SMS Programme session or booking with enough notice (in person, verbally, via text or email) will attract a 100% charge of the booked session.

 v) All consultations, treatment sessions or bookings are automatically cancelled 10 minutes after the start of the booked appointment time (& date) with non-attendance.