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Stressless Living in Changing Times

                        The Holistic MOT©


What time are you prepared to invest in you?

  • How about 21/2 - 3 hours?


What are the benefits of an Holistic MOT?

  • You feel physically more relaxed and energised
  • You feel emotionally calmer
  • Mentally, you become clearer and more focused
  • You will feel ready to make the changes that you want to achieve


What do you invest? 

Your investment is simply £125.

Each Holistic MOT is payable a minimum of 48 hours in advance. 


What happens in your Holistic MOT?

  • The first 15-30 minutes are dedicated to you, all I do is sit and listen; you talk about what is important to you.


  • The remainder of your Holistic MOT assessment is structured around a questionnaire that is forwarded to you prior to your session; which is as follows:


 Personal Profile

  • About You (naturally)
  • Your Lifestyle  


 Nutritional Profile 

  • Your physical diet

 Relaxation Profile

  • Stressors
  • Root Concerns & Issues  


 Health Profile

  • Health history - A description of your general health from birth to present


 Energetic Profile

  • Tongue & Pulse Assessment: using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  
  • Meridian Profiling
  • Chakra Assessment
  • Personal space Clearing


What happens after your Holistic MOT©?

 Ultimately, that is up to you.

 You may decide to walk away enriched and energised by the time you have given to you.  Clearer, calmer and more confident to begin a new chapter in your life.

 You might decide that you have enjoyed working with Reiki & Seichem healing or  Meridian Therapies (Energy tapping) and book a Treatment Programme to follow over the  next 4 to 12  weeks.

Or it could be that you want to work with Herbal Medicine to address life issues.


What I would like you to consider are Unstressed Solutions Programmes


Terms & Conditions

Each Holistic MOT is payable a minimum of 48 hours in advance, and 20% refundable.

It is my practice to allow a minimum of 48 hours notice to change or cancel your Holistic MOT. Failure to cancel or not attend the Holistic MOT, treatment session or booking with enough notice (in person, verbally or via text or email) will attract a 100% charge of the booked session.

All consultations, treatment sessions or bookings are automatically cancelled 10 minutes after the start of the booked appointment time (& date) with non-attendance.