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                  About John Weeks

 I have been involved with the holistic and complementary field for over 20 years. My  training has involved furthering and integrating knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) with Western Holistic Medicine. 

 I am told my down to earth attitude encourages people to appreciate the physical, emotional, mental (and sometimes spiritual) aspects of an holistic approach to life.  I consider that we all have the ability and choice to bring our lives into balance; and that  each approach is unique to that person.

 I have also trained within the Tera-Mai™ healing system as a Master-Teacher. And also  as a licensed practitioner of Meridian Therapies (which includes Energy Tapping) with the UK  Association for Meridian Therapies (AMT). I encourage you to consider why you may  have imbalanced health or life issues; and how it can reflect your journey through life.

 Previous to being involved with the holistic and complementary fields I studied  Sciences (which included Analytical Chemistry) to MSc level. I have worked in numerous  positions of employment prior to starting my own business and practice.


 Personally, I find holistic medicine is more analogous to the Natural world and gardening, it  aims to bring the whole person into balance; by treating the branch, trunk and roots of  any health issue. Holistic medicine treats the person by helping the patient or client attain  and maintain balanced health; rather than addressing just the symptoms. Conventional  medicine is more akin to bio-mechanics, it views the body more as a biological  machine. It fixes health conditions by addressing health issues symptomatically rather  than working with the whole person. It tends to use pharmaceutics to suppress and  chemically alter health symptoms, this can lead to the development of  further (iatrogenic) conditions that are more related to drug-drug  interactions (polypharmacythan  the original medically diagnosed condition.

 Conventional medicine, in my professional opinion has and does help people to heal, it  acts as a catalyst (as do all healing modalities); whether through surgery or pharmaceutical  treatment. There are many wise and capable doctors, nurses, dentists and  physiotherapists, osteopaths (to name a few) that continue to help people on their healing  journey. It just has a different approach to holistic medicine, though if we integrate both  approaches; everyone benefits.

 I actively encourage any person i work with to use holistic treatment in conjunction with  conventional medicine; a more integrated approach. We all have the ability and choice to  bring our lives (and health) into balance; and that each approach is unique to each person.  Naturally, each person responds differently to each treatment.


Qualifications & Affiliations

Independent Herbalist (Dip CH)

RASA Reiki Master-Teacher

RASA Seichem Master-Teacher 

Certified Meridian Therapist (CP.AMT)